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The Milk Carton Kids

My musical tastes have changed quite a bit as I've gotten older. I sometimes wonder if that is due to the fact that I work all day with headphones on. Blaring loud electronic music doesn't mix well with writing code for long stretches of time, at least for me. In particular, I lean toward acoustic, folky music without too much twang. So the usual suspects of that scene can be found in heavy rotation in my playlists – The Avett Brothers, Joe Purdy and Mumford and Sons, to name a few. 

Lately I've been coming back to a duo I found last year that doesn't seem to get the pub they deserve. The Milk Carton Kids feature Joey Ryan, Kenneth Pattengale and two '50s era acoustic guitars. Right up my alley.

Of course, the best way to get to know a band these days is to watch their tiny desk concert at NPR. Enjoy.

If you like that, both of their albums are available as a free download on their site and their new album – Ash & Clay – is due on March 23rd.