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Day One

Today is very new day. This morning, I stepped of the F train in Brooklyn, NY – a far cry from our previous home in Nixa, Missouri. My destination? DUMBO. Today's my first day as a Senior Software Engineer at Etsy.

I'll be joining a fine group of folks inside Etsy known as the Maker Innovation team. I can't wait to get started. Etsy is a company I've long admired for how they connect the crafting of physical goods and the digital world and how they empower seemingly anyone, anywhere to start their own business. 

Whither Koken? 

As part of this, I'll no longer be working full-time on Koken. My longtime co-conspirator Todd Dominey also left day-to-day involvement in the project when he began working for Mailchimp in January. For more on the story of Koken and its future, see Todd's post "We're selling Koken"

With our new positions at separate companies, Todd and I's run – of nearly 10 years – is coming to an end. Way back when, Todd took a chance on some random guy in Canada writing terrible PHP, and I'm forever grateful. In the end, we created products that ran sites small and large and had users who fervently followed and supported us. There were hard times – late nights babysitting servers, vacations with the family that involved setting aside time to answer support email each day, and the worry in the back of your mind that maybe tomorrow will be the day that people just stop buying your product. But those difficult times were far outweighed by the good. We were extremely lucky to be able to work on products we loved, of our own creation, for so long. Thanks Todd. 


So here's to the next chapter. I can't wait to jump in and join the great work already going on at Etsy. Let's go!